Body - Mind - Atman - Paramatman

The objective of life is to broaden your mind to reach your full potential and enjoy life and its beauty. This doesn’t necessarily require travelling the world, as the most incredible journey is within yourself. By exploring the depths of your thoughts, emotions, and values, you can embark on an inner odyssey that will forever enrich your life.

The journey starts with yourself. Fill your life with positive energy and good health by doing pranayamas (breathing exercises), drinking adequate water, taking a half-hour walk every morning, and becoming more mindful of what you eat. Everything will fall into place once you become energised and filled with positive energy. That energy will guide and enlighten you to project positivity and happiness in your life.

According to H.H. Shri Nashiva, every development happens once you establish a proper connection between different levels of your existence. The grossest level is what you see or feel with your five senses, and it’s also where you should start. Every experience is an experience of self-realisation. Once you know that, you’ll realise a capacity or aspect of your Atman (soul) in every moment.

Four steps lead to the expansion of yourself:

  1. Healthy body – maintain good health & adopt good habits
  2. Positive mind – clean your window of perception
  3. Know Atman – turn on the light so that darkness can vanish
  4. Connect with Divine Energy – realise yourself and expand