About Us

One Heart - One Mind- One World

In 2019, His Holiness Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath established Ekam Satyam as a non-profit organisation to provide a rejuvenating and simple journey for those seeking inner tranquillity and development. His approach blends ancient wisdom with contemporary scientific knowledge, fusing teachings on mindfulness and self-exploration. Our organisation aims to create a space where individuals can experience a transformative journey towards personal growth and fulfilment with simple techniques that anyone can adopt.

Each individual has a unique potential to enrich their life, broaden their perspectives, and evolve in various aspects. When we unite, we can bring about extraordinary transformations. Diversity is the beauty of life, and each person’s journey towards the Divine Energy is different and distinctive. Exploring and identifying what resonates with you and leads you towards the Source is a part of the journey. Once you attain the Divine, you can unite, share and cherish the beauty of existence.

Our philosophy:

  • LOVE ALL Go beyond cast, religion, and social status. Embrace everyone with love, regardless of background, beliefs, or social standing.
  • WORK HARD (be disciplined) – Stay committed and dedicated in your efforts to achieve your goals
  • HELP & SERVE others – for the betterment of society

Our Mission

1 Spread knowledge of divine science to bring happiness, health, wealth, and development to oneself and the environment.

2 Liberate oneself from trifold suffering: physical disease, mental inharmony, spiritual ignorance.

3 Go beyond the boundaries of nation, caste, creed, religion, and gender, and realise that we are all part of ONE world.

Our Belief & Vision

We believe that spirituality and materialism coexist. Good physical and mental health attracts wealth in all its forms. Once we fill our lives with wealth, we can experience spiritual enlightenment and fulfilment.

It’s within each of us to positively impact the world. We are all born with the potential to access divine energy and create something beautiful.

Our Centers


Ekam Satyam Foundation, Bangalore, Karnataka
    • (our central organisation)
Shri Ekata Charitable Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka
    • Our NGO was established in 1994 to uplift the underprivileged section of the community by providing education, shelter, food, and support for children, women, and elders.


Under Guidance of Shri Swami Urgaya

Divine Energy Park, Croatia, Europe
    • International organisation for developing consciousness, health, nature and peace in Croatia, Europe under the guidance of Swami Urgaya. Over 300,000 people have completed DEP Programs – in Europe (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain and France)
Divine Yoga Studio, Croatia, Europe

Meet the team…

Through health, spiritual, social and cultural activities we want to bring you closer to our idea and invite you to join us in spreading information, ideas and activity.

Meaning of "EKAM SATYAM"

Now is the time to go deep into ourselves and realise this. We should walk the path of Dharma. Dharma is a way of living where divine comprehension of truth guides us in what is right and wrong. Divine knowledge and insight should determine moral, social, and spiritual principles. Once we become aware of Atman, we’ll know the world, Mother Nature, and the Universe.

Universal truth is beyond time, space, culture, and customs, beyond Earth and planets. It is beyond existence, but it penetrates existence itself. It is universal for everybody and everything that exists and doesn’t exist. When we know the truth, we will follow the Laws of Nature and realise that we are all one heart, soul, and world.