5 Pillars

Five important aspects of life


Dispeller of darkness

1 The guru is the one who guides you and gives clarity amidst confusion. They help you to transcend ego, detach from limitations, and receive divine blessings and grace.


Body – Mind – Atman

2 Strengthening your body and mind is essential to reaching your full potential. This can be done by following simple steps: a balanced diet, simple exercise, and cultivation of prana and mind. Everything starts with you.


Wish – Pray – Get

3 Prayer brings inner peace, guidance, and connection with Divine Energy. Thoughts and emotions shape your reality. Therefore, pray and create a vibration of positivity and prosperity.


Create Union of Love

4 Family and society shape and influence mental health and happiness. With appreciation, caring, and forgiveness, you can strengthen relationships, improve your surroundings and create a home filled with kindness and affection.


Nature is reflection of God

5 Nature is a reflection of God. Preserve Mother Nature by consuming and supporting organic farming, conserving water, planting trees, protecting animals, and reducing waste.