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NATURE is reflection of God

848 371 Kristina Babic

The same way sun is reflecting in the ocean, God is reflecting in nature and everything that is surrounding us. We can observe how His beauty, grace and perfection are there in every single particle and beyond that. It goes so deep, we can’t even comprehend it.

Nature gives us, and all beings, water to drink, air to breathe, food to eat and shelter to live… It is nourishing us like a mother, making sure that we get what we need. Our being is so closely connected to nature if we lose our connection with it, we are also losing connection with ourselves.

Therefore, we should not allow our greediness, anger and ego prevail and destroy our own home. We should act, talk and fight for protection and preservation of nature. There has been enough destruction and misusing of the most precious jewel that has given everything to us.

Humankind should realize that with destroying the environment, we are destroying ourselves. We have to become more aware of how precious and beautiful this Planet is. Without its blessings and wellbeing, we are just digging our own graves.

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