Water – life giving energy

Water – life giving energy

Water – life giving energy 600 500 Aravind Viswanath

Water is one of the five elements that comprise the Human body and this world—the other four are Fire, Space (my first blog), Air, and Earth. Traditionally and by mainstream Medical science, water has held the following unique characteristics:

  • The Human body is 50-65 % water. Plasma which is 92% of blood, constitutes 55% of blood volume.
  • Water is a good solvent. All the Bio-chemical reactions taking place in the body take place in the medium of water.
  • Water has a high specific heat due to its hydrogen bonding. Water is responsible for Homeostasis in the Human body – the thermal regulatory mechanism.
  • Water can exist in all three states of matter at the same time: liquid, gas, and solid

Today, we shall be discussing a unique property of water that may yield clues regarding the overall Health of living beings on the planet and why its health is steadily deteriorating. This property of water is called “Memory of water.”

In recent public memory- Jacques Benveniste (French: [bɛnvənist]; 12 March 1935 – 3 October 2004) was a French immunologist, born in Paris. In 1979 he published a well-known paper on the structure of platelet-activating factor and its relationship with histamine.

In 1988, he published a paper in the prestigious scientific journal Nature describing the action of very high dilutions of anti-IgE antibody on the degranulation of human basophils. In it, he reported that white blood cells called basophils, which control the body’s reaction to allergens, can be activated to produce an immune response by solutions of antibodies that have been diluted so far that they contain none of these bio molecules at all. At that time, Benveniste faced a lot of ridicule from mainstream science, which somehow could not conceive that water devoid of any material agents (in this case antibodies), could produce an immunological reaction.

We live in a world whose mysteries are largely unknown to us. Every time we think that we have figured it out all, new findings and understanding serve only to discredit the older and more recent findings and understandings. Under this background of rapidly shifting theories and principles of modern science, we shall investigate today with a open mind this property of “Memory of water”.

MEMORY OF WATER – or water memory is given to that property of water due to which it retains memory of whatever agents it has been in contact with over a period of time. In this article, we are going to delve on the repercussions of understanding water memory and what it means to our health. A list of references is put out for its scientific basis – for those of us who are interested in it.


Structure of water obtained from Fountain of Lourdes in France

When an object comes in contact with water over a prolonged period of time, and interacts with its molecules, either through fiction or repeated impingements with water molecules, the structure of the object gets stored in water as clusters. Cluster refers to an organisation of molecules which have the pattern of the original object.

This pattern of water molecules is an energy signature or pattern. It has the same properties as the original material, even though the original material is not present. At the level of energy the original material and the cluster of water molecules associated with the material are identical. This can be better understood, if we can understand that matter and energy are not really different. They are inter convertible and can be transformed from one form to another. Every material has associated with it an energy frequency – a certain frequency of vibration. When it comes in contact with water and engages with its molecules – a certain kind of dynamics develops which leads to a transference of this inherent energy to inert water. This water which can then be called “charged water”- now has the energy of that original object- even after the object has been removed from it.


Water today, is not available in its natural form. This might sound surprising to most people, but is nevertheless true. For a society that boasts of the most advanced technologies, and state of the art machines for purifying water, this statement is almost a sacrilege. Let us try to understand what water in its natural form signifies. It signifies an appearance in nature in the form of rivers, streams, springs in its natural form. Water in its natural form at its source, has its connection with nature in its pure form. It is purified and processed by nature, and has a different quality to it. What is its quality? This quality is the essence of life itself. It is the energy that feeds and sustains this universe. You can call it the divine, God, or any other name… It does not matter. In his pursuit of playing God, Man has gone far away from nature.

The Air we breathe, the water that we drink, the soil that we grow our food on, all is processed artificially. This artificial processing may make them materially pure for consumption, but their energy content or the energy quotient gets deteriorated. Focusing on water, for that is our Subject, let us focus on how the energy content deteriorates as the material quotient improves.

We use chemicals, to purify water from the rivers. This water has become impure because of various factors, including industrial pollution and disposal of toxic waste products. For processing, we use chemicals, and machines. When water interacts with these purifying chemicals, it loses its inherent life giving energy and takes on the energy of these chemicals. When water interacts with machines, the energy of the machines enters into the water, causing it to be depleted further of its life giving energy. Further, as water travels through metal/plastic pipes and takes right angle turns as it goes towards your houses its energy gets depleted further. Every time, a water conveying pipe takes a right angle turn, half of the original energy gets lost.

The water that we finally receive in our houses is chemically pure but is devoid of all its intrinsic life giving energy.


Our Society is conditioned to think of water in purely material terms. We do not understand that the single most important factor in the Universe is Energy, without which life itself is not possible. Water being a carrier of this Energy and being such an important part of our body is responsible for maintaining this energy. If Energy does not reach our body where it is needed, we become sick.

Across cultures, and civilizations water in its natural form – sources of rivers, springs, inside forests, lakes, have been known to possess healing properties. It was thought in general, that the water from these sources has certain herbs and elements which help in curing ailments. It has now emerged, that the healing power of these waters, is due to the different cluster structures that these waters possess. (The example of Fountain of Lourdes illustrated before).

Water from different sources can now be photographed using special techniques, and the difference in structure can be visibly seen. Masaru Emoto the late Japanese author has done a lot of work in this regard.

Details of his work can be found under the following links:

Consumption of water at its source, where it has not been processed and is brimming with life giving energy is the best way. However, given our situation where this is not possible for most of us, the following offers hope.

Interaction of water with Human consciousness

It is possible for the Human consciousness to consciously interact with water and enhance and purify its energy content. This can take several forms. In the east, this has traditionally taken the form of Mantras uttered in a certain manner and place, to revitalize the water content. In the west, including the holy ritual of baptism, this is done through prayer. In still other places, this is done through keeping the water stored in a copper or silver vessel, adding some natural herbs to the same.

Whatever the means adopted- prayer, mediation, healing, conscious intention – it has now been shown through Emoto san’s research that this has an effect on the structure of water and it does reenergise/revitalise the same. Consumption of this water has been shown to “aid greatly in curing diseases”, “bring back vitality to the body/mind”, and even “slow down/reverse the aging process”. It is no wonder that tribes and people who live in remote natural areas live a healthy and long life.

Interested readers are referred to Emoto san’s research below for further details-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Masaru_Emoto

The Energy Paradox

Today the world is interconnected like never before. Energy devices like cell phones, television, fibre optic cables have played pivotal roles to achieve this interconnection. The signal that we receive on our phones is not seen, but we recognize the energy being received by the antenna. Yet, when it comes to our own body, we do not recognize that even this body has antennas, and it too needs to receive energy from the cosmos to stay healthy.

Body needs different kinds of energy:

  • the energy of heat or fire to stay warm, for digestion, for the birth process itself,
  • the energy of earth for nourishment, growth of body and for development of organs and tissues.
  • the energy of space to make the existence of this body possible.
  • the energy of air for the breathing process.
  • and lastly- the energy for water which is needed for many purposes as described previously,

But most of all as a memory, a place holder, which can store many beneficial life giving energies and convey the same to the body where it is needed.

It is time that we recognized the importance of water in our lives.

By Aravind Viswanath