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Shri MAHALAKSHMI Utsav 30-8-2019

768 487 Kristina Babic

On last Friday of Shravana Join us in a celebration of the auspicious month of Shravana! Together we will pray for blessings of Shri Guru, Shri Mahalakshmi and Shri Ganesha.…

Ugadi Utsav 2019

768 487 Kristina Babic

36th UGADI UTSAV on 10-04-2019, Wednesday Join us on this day and celebrate Ugadi in a prayer for racial, communal and religious harmony and peace. * PUJA VENUE: NASIMATH (Shri Ekata…

Day of Universal Love, Compassion and Peace

768 487 Kristina Babic

Dear all, On 25th November are celebrating the DAY OF UNIVERSAL LOVE, COMPASSION AND PEACE with a common prayer witch start at 6:30 pm. Let us dedicate this day by…

HEALING – explore the origin of health, well-being and disease

768 487 Arvind Viswanath

The Workshops focuses on the following: * What are the reasons for Good Health * What are the reasons for deterioration in Health * Are there Laws that Govern Humans…

Mahalakshmi Utsav on 7th September 2018

768 487 Kristina Babic

MAHALAKSHMI UTSAV on 07-09-2018, (last Friday of Shravana) On Mahalakshmi Utsav we will pray for spreading of happiness, harmony, love, compassion, and peace in the world. * PUJA VENUE: NASIMATH (Shri…

Ugadi Utsav 2018

768 487 Kristina Babic

35th UGADI UTSAV on 25-03-2018, Sunday On 25th March we conducted Ugadi Utsav and prayer for development of nature, spreading of love and compassion, harmony and peace in the world.…

Celebrate with us Day of Universal Love, Compassion and Peace

600 473 Kristina Babic

Dear all, on 25th November 2017 (Saturday) we shall celebrate the Day of Universal Love, Compassion and Peace and take the pledge to make them our dharma / religion and…

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