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Are your GENES influencing your life?

802 509 Kristina Babic

Genes are much more than inherited material that determinate whether you are tall or short, and have blue or brown eyes. Genes are at the centre of everything that makes…

6 causes of DNA damage in everyday life

802 509 Kristina Babic

Did you know that every second your body is changing? You are producing new cells and throwing away/recycling old and damaged cells every second. Creation of new cells of the…

5 main health benefits of BITTER GOURD

802 509 Kristina Babic

Bitter gourd (Momordica charantia), also known as bitter melon, is a tropical and subtropical vine of the Cucurbitaceae family. It widely grows in Asia, Africa and South America. For centuries…

Field of happiness

848 371 Kristina Babic

YOGA- what is and why to do it

768 487 Kristina Babic

Up to recently, there were many people in the world that didn’t know the language or culture of India. Because of genuine efforts made by the Prime Minister of India,…

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