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HEALING – explore the origin of health, well-being and disease

768 487 Arvind Viswanath

The Workshops focuses on the following:

* What are the reasons for Good Health
* What are the reasons for deterioration in Health
* Are there Laws that Govern Humans and Living beings in Health and disease
* Why do certain Medical systems have side effects, Is it possible to heal without side effects
* What is the science behind Healing
* Brief preview about different systems of Healing
* Tools for natural Healing.

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Phone: +91 9945611088
Email: arvind.viswanath000@gmail.com

Thank you ARVIND VISWANATH for the inspiring workshop that took us to a different way of understanding ourselves, our surroundings and our nature. Hope we will have the opportunity to see you soon on occasions like this in the near future.

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