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Are your GENES influencing your life?

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Genes are much more than inherited material that determinate whether you are tall or short, and have blue or brown eyes. Genes are at the centre of everything that makes you human. Did you ever wonder how your genes and your mindset are influencing your life? Can you change your heritage, or are you just predestined to lead a life according to your genetic code?

Genetic code – library of all information

DNA molecule, Credit: U.S. National Library of Medicine

In the late 1860s, there was an important discovery – unravelling the mystery of DNA (genetic code). American biologist James Watson and English physicist Francis Crick discovered that in the cell nucleus, there is a specific code that exists in almost every cell of the body. It is DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid.

This code or DNA is hereditary material infused with sequences that hold information for building and maintaining an organism – in this case, your body. Genes are nothing more than a short section of DNA. It is coiled up tightly and wrapped with a protein called histones, that support its structure, into a formation called chromosome.

As a particular sequence of letters are forming words and sentences, the same way your DNA is forming your cells and body.

Human DNA has about 2 billion bases, and more than 99% of those bases are the same in all people. This means that difference in-between yours and my DNA is in only in 1% (sometimes even less)!

If you put all the information from DNA to alphabetic language, it would fit into 1000 books, with 1000 pages and 3000 letters on each page. All this information is being coiled up in the middle of your cell. It is incredible how your body works. It is truly a divine mystery!

Cells are like people

Although all the cells in your body have the same genes, only a part of that genes in a particular cell are expressed/activated. For example, an active part of the gene in liver cells is different than the active part of the gene in heart cells, and so on.

Three things determine this expression:

  1. unique patterns that cells inherit from the parent cell (from which they are created);
  2. environment and its exposure to surrounding cells and hormones;
  3. the mind of the cell that is sometimes unpredictable in how particular cell will behave and what it will do.

Just like people, cells are living beings that operate in a specific way. Although your mind/consciousness is governing your cells, cells also have good and bad days and make right and wrong desitions.

Genes and thoughts

How your brain grows, your mind evolves. Thanks to lifelong neuroplasticity, it has been proven that your lifestyle is as important as your genes – if not more. Especially regarding the development and functioning of your brain.

Approximately, 20,000 different genes make the human genome. At least one-third of all your genes are active/expressed in your brain. Therefore, in the brain, you have the highest number of the expressed genes than anywhere in the body.

Genes are an archive of different information with which you are born. You can’t change it. But you can change your environment, mindset and lifestyle, that are all the time changing the expression of your genes, forming and rewiring your brain, and its functions.

The brain is an incredible organ that responds and continuously changes according to your mental patterns and habits. Directly or indirectly, thoughts can cause changes in the body. Therefore, your mindset is hugely important in your overall health and wellbeing.

Your thoughts sculpt your brain

You are sculpturing your brain and speaking to your genes with every thought that is passing through your mind. Epigenetics, a study of inherited changes in gene expression, shows that mindset and events that occur in your life change the way your genes operate. Your lifestyle and daily habits and beliefs are forming a feedback loop with your genes. That means you are changing the activity of your genes with the way you live and think.

Studies have shown that thought has a powerful impact on all your systems of the body. Even 95% of genes disorders are due to lifestyle (physical and mental). So, your biology doesn’t govern your destiny. But with your thoughts, attitudes, and perceptions, you are creating your luck.

Negative thoughts are shortening your life

At the end of each chromosome, you have telomeres. Telomeres act as a protector of DNA from deterioration and damage. With time, telomeres are becoming shorter or lost in the process of coping DNA and reproducing new cells. Once telomeres are lost, DNA information is also lost and disorders. Then, disease, depression and ageing start.

Dr Elizabeth Blackburn, Dr Carol Greider and Dr Jack Szostak in 2009 received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for their discovery regarding telomeres.

It was a breakdown discovery that solved a longstanding puzzle involving the ends of chromosomes. They explained how this ends of chromosomes operate and discovered an enzyme that plays a crucial role in its life. In the research, enzyme telomerase has shown responsible for the health of genes, general wellbeing, and the ageing process.

Source: Wall Street Journal research, www.sciencellonline.com

Scientists found that several things are influencing the production of the telomerase enzyme, but leading influencers are your diet, thoughts, feelings and emotions. Production of telomerase enzyme starts with proper diet, lifestyle, positive emotions and thoughts. And, on the other hand, it is blocked by inadequate nutrition, pessimism, depression and self-pity.

For example,
If a person is suffering from depression and not finding any purpose in life, his/her cells will listen to those thoughts and stop producing telomerase enzyme. Then, automatically, DNA damage will occur much sooner, and lifespan will be less. Because cells are receiving a signal from the mind that he/she don’t want to live, they will follow that command and shut down regeneration power. Therefore, be careful what you think or wish because, in the end, your body is just following your commands.

The Holy Grail of DNA Repair

Our body has its perfect DNA repairing mechanism if we are maintaining it properly. Here are a couple of ways to keep your rejuvenating power up to the track, keep your genes activated and healthy.

  1. Pranayama are the best tools that will help the body and mind to stay healthy and positive. Proper supply of oxygen is the most crucial step in self-healing, happiness and longevity.
  2. Physical exercise promotes the brain to function in its best. It improves blood circulation, increases brain volume and stimulates growth hormone.
  3. Exposure to sun rays stimulates pineal gland and secretion of serotonin, a hormone that is essential for our good mood and production of the rejuvenating hormone melatonin.
  4. Mental stimulation strengthens connections between neurons (synapses) and improving cognitive functions.
  5. Proper diet enables the body to have adequate building materials for creating new and healthy cells.

The universe is inside of you

Genes are something that you can’t change. You are born with it. But, you can change the way it is expressing itself – with the way you live and think. Your emotions, thoughts and environment play a significant role in controlling and influencing your gene activation.

Inside of your body, there is a whole universe itself. You have much more power, than you can ever imagine. Your mind is influencing your physical state and wellbeing. Your body is only responding to your mindset up to a genetic level. By cultivating positive mental habits or thoughts, you can change your world and have a life you want.


by Kristina Babic
under the guidance of Shri Na Shiva

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