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6 causes of DNA damage in everyday life

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Did you know that every second your body is changing? You are producing new cells and throwing away/recycling old and damaged cells every second. Creation of new cells of the stomach and small intestine is happening every 2-5 days, skin epidermis cells every 10-30 days, lung alveoli cells every eight days, etc. It explains why your skin flakes off, nails grow, and hair falls out.

How or when this process is happening is a secret inside of your DNA.

How a new cell is being made?

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. You have thousands of different kinds of cells in your body. All the cells work together to create a functional unit. Although the creation of cells and the function of DNA is quite a complicated process, we’ll try to picturised it in a simple matter.

Credit to U.S. National Library of Medicine

The genetic information registered in your DNA is like a big archive of information about every single cell and its functions. Inside of a cell, catalysts or enzymes are taking that information from DNA to build a new cell. After collected data, a photocopy (or RNA) is being made. RNA creates a messenger (or mRNA), for a selected cell and its functions, collecting only necessary information. Messenger then travels down to another section of cell called ribosome. A ribosome is like a little factory of cells. Now, with primary material (protein) and collected information from mRNA, a new cell is being made. This process is continuously going on in your body and cells.

Why you are not healing

If you are producing new cells all the time, why you are not healing? The answer is quite simple. Ribosome (cell factory) needs necessary materials (proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc.), enzymes, and proper information from DNA. If any of those are missing or/and are damaged, factory or ribosome can’t create a healthy cell. Then, your system is compromised with the creation of rogue cells or cells that don’t function well. Thus, disbalance and disease happen.

Photo Credit: Lisichik

What is causing damage in DNA

Certain enzymes are all the time healing glitches and damage around DNA. Those glitches are usually caused by the environment of the cell or cell itself. If you are lacking nutrients that are building blocks of enzymes, you can’t make enzymes. So, DNA will not be able to heal or repair itself, and you will end up with more damaged cells than healthy ones.

Health issues directly cause only around 5% of DNA mutations and damage. That means, 95% of DNA damage (linked to disorders acting as an influencer) depends on life factors.

Here are the six leading causes of DNA and cell damage.

1. Your mind and thinking

Studies have shown that thought has a powerful impact on all your systems of the body. It can improve vision, immunity, concentration and strength. One study showed how the placebo effect and positive thought has a physiological and cognitive outcome, such as less fatigue, balanced hormone secretion, better immunity etc. At the same time, negative thinking and emotions are doing precisely the opposite. Those feelings are making you exhausted, faster your ageing process and blocking DNA from repairing itself.

Thoughts are causing neurochemical changes, some temporary and some lasting. When you are experiencing gratitude, you are receiving a flush of rewarding neurotransmitters, like dopamine, and experiencing clarity of the mind. Therefore, nourish positive thinking by repeating affirmations, watching and reading about positive things and surrounding yourself with a positive environment.


2. Quality of food and mineral deficiency

Low intake of nutrients may speed up degenerative diseases, ageing, and DNA damage. Recent research has shown that 92% of DNA damage is caused by mineral deficiency. Why people are mineral deficient? One of the reasons is today’s soil, that has been used and abused over, and over again. All the plants/crops need minerals to grow, same as we do. Once plant/crop is ripened and picked, the soil needs time to recover. However, because of the high demand for food nowadays, farmers are not giving time or chance for soil to do that. Most of the agriculturist are abusing earth by using heavy chemical fertilisers after harvesting, to make it ready for the next crop.

How can you tell whether vegetable or fruit have minerals? It tastes good. Minerals and vitamins are giving flavour to fruits or vegetables. That’s why most of today’s fruits and vegetables are tasteless, they look good, but there is no flavour. Moreover, 80% of minerals from the soil are being absorbed by fruits and vegetables during ripening. If you pick fruit or vegetable before it ripens, it will not contain any minerals. Minerals are not only necessary for our well-being, but also for vegetables or fruits to produce vitamins. Therefore, try to buy organic and local food from reliable sources and avoid off-season food that is ripened artificially.

Kushi Institute analysis of nutrient data from 1975 to 1997 found that average calcium levels in 12 fresh vegetables dropped by 27%; iron levels by 37%; vitamin A levels by 21%, and vitamin C levels by 30%.


3. Stimulants

Can’t imagine starting your day without coffee? Then there is some bad news for you. Stimulants, like caffeine, disrupt neurotransmission, a process of communication between nerve cells in the brain. It also depletes the body of magnesium and calcium. Not only caffeine disrupts neurotransmission, but white/processed sugar, alcohol and tobacco will also have a similar effect on your body as well. Therefore, try to avoid stimulants or have it in a minimum quantity.


4. GM food (genetically modified food)

GMO, or genetically modified organism, is a plant, animal or other organisms whose genetic code changed in a laboratory by using genetic engineering. Most of the food modifications are focused primarily on cash crops in high demand by farmers and customers. It is not sure how this kind of food is influencing DNA and other bodily functions. Although there are some of the potential risks of eating GMO food like an allergic response, undesired side effects such as toxicity, organ damage, or gene transfer.


5. Chemicals and drugs

Different chemicals and drugs can save lives in an emergency, but its constant use can damage DNA and disturb your bodily functions. Also, various chemicals that you use in your household – detergents, sprays, shampoos, etc., can cause poisoning, allergies and DNA damage. Therefore, check what you are using and try to limit those chemicals to a minimum.


6. EMF radiation (Electromagnetic Field Radiation)

Credit to Dr. Om Gandhi, University of Utah

Series of electrical impulses sent out by the brain is controlling your systems. It enables your body cells to communicate through a complex network of nerve endings, synapses and junctions. Even small interference in this communication from your environment can have a butterfly effect on your body. Electromagnetic Field Radiation (EMF) that is emitted from your mobile phone and other electronic devices can have harmful effects on your cells and DNA.

In a Kaiser Permanente cohort study published in 2017, 913 women were followed throughout their pregnancies. Researchers were examining a possible connection between high amounts of exposure to EMF radiation and the probability of miscarriage. Pregnant ladies who fell into the “high exposure” category were three times likely to miscarry compared to the “low exposure” group.


Although you are born with specific DNA patterns, your everyday habits and lifestyle significantly influence your DNA health. Don’t neglect environmental influence. It doesn’t affect only you, but also your future children and the next generations. We are what we eat, and we are developing and changing ourselves every day by the way we live.

Therefore, next time, when you start complaining about your genetics, be aware that there is a lot of things you can change and improve with just putting efforts. Start implementing some of the things mentioned above and make your life better, brighter and happier.

by Kristina Babic
under the guidance of Shri Na Shiva

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