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Shri Na Shiva

(Shri Shivaumar Swamiji Nasimath)
Founder of Ekam Satyam

H.H. Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath founded Ekam Satyam to spread the knowledge of true spiritualism and to unite people to spread love, compassion and peace. He founded Ekam Satyam as an organization of people who are ready to get together and to make positive changes in the environment and in the world.

He believes in helping, sharing and giving. Don’t waste life in grumbling, anger and hate, we need to love ourselves and others so that we can expand and grow more.

Life is… best for those who are enjoying it.
… difficult for those who are comparing it.
… worst for those who are criticising it.
Your own attitude defines your life. So enjoy life for each moment!


His life and teachings are simple and unique. His wish is to uplift consciousness of people and to set them free from boundaries and illusions of mind, to guide them towards the path of development, humanity, kindness, love and happiness.

Spirituality that he is teaching is based on pure science and working on ourselves. Listen to Guru, work hard, become healthy, calm and cultivate a positive mind and pray are the basic foundation of his philosophy. If we follow those guidelines, we will come to know ourselves, our Soul and finally God. Realization of Self will release us from all sufferings, pains and illusions. Then, we will start to act in accordance with the Laws of Nature, and then we will develop and achieve whatever we want.


Through his blessings, life and teachings, he helped millions of people to achieve health, happiness, and success in the personal and social part of life. Many well-known politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, and prominent people are coming to him to get the blessing and guidance.

With his holistic approach to (divine) natural medicine and blessings, millions of people have been cured from, according to today’s medical researches, incurable diseases, like bone marrow cancer, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, HIV etc. And to him the greatest reward is a smile and happiness on the face of a person to whom he helped.

A beautiful life doesn’t just happen. It is built daily, in prayer, humanity, sacrifice and love.
May a beautiful life be ours today and forever.
Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath


Guruji believes in worshiping, protecting and preserving Mother Nature. Nature is a wonderful and beautiful protector of all beings of the world, provider of oxygen and all needs for all beings. He wants to people to become aware of its importance and to join together to stop pollution of streams, rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.

“My earnest request to all pontiffs of maths, gurujis of all ashrams, priests of mandirs, khajis and mullahs of masjids, all gurudwaras, priests and bishops of churches, political leaders to tell people to take care of clean environment, save water, harvest rainwater, plant trees and help nature to regenerate. As an individual or a group we can do a lot, the only thing we need to do is start.”
Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath


Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath believes that it is important to have faith in ourselves and to work hard. Yes, there is karma, destiny or luck, but with the blessings of Guru, our own efforts and smart hard work we can achieve everything we want.

Therefore, it is important that we love each other, help and serve each other and work hard to achieve our goals and to create surroundings that we want.

More about Shri Shivakumar Swami Nasimath on THIS LINK.

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