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One heart, one soul, one world, one truth

Ekam Satyam is founded and guided by Shri Shivakumar Swamiji Nasimath with an aim to gather people with the same vision and to spread the knowledge about true spirituality.

We believe that through smart hard work, sharing with those in need, love and compassion, each of us has the ability to make a change in the world. Each of us is born with the potential of realizing DIVINE energy and with ability of creating something beautiful.

We believe that trough LOVE and COMPASSION we can create PEACE.
We believe in importance of loving NATURE and creating KINDNESS in the world.

Our main philosophy is that spirituality and materialism goes together. In is important to achieve fulfilled material life, through developing health and wealth in all levels of our life, so that we can experience true spiritual development.

We believe that through unity, togetherness and common prayer we can create better environment and understanding among people, nations, and societies.


Casts and religions have given us rules, rituals and regulations that needs to be followed. These rules puts us within the limits of mind and ego, causing sufferings, wars, mutual misunderstandings and intolerance between people, society, countries and in the world.

Now is the time to realize ourselves and go through the path of Dharma, where our divine comprehension of truth gives us insight into what is right or wrong. Moral, social and spiritual life principles should be determined by our own Self. When we know ourselves, we will know the world around us, nature and the Universe.

Universal truth is beyond time and space, beyond culture and customs, beyond Earth and planets, beyond existence but it permeate Existence… it is the ONE, universal for everybody and everything. When we get to know the Truth, then we will follow Laws of Nature and realize that we are all ONE – one heart, one soul, and one world.

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